Cable Plant Monitoring

Enterprise Features for Any Size Network

Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) is a real-time network device management tool for your DOCSIS network. CPM handles all of your DOCSIS cable modems, Wireless CMs, eMTA and Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) along with monitoring fiber nodes. This allows you to readily see network problems, troubleshoot customer access issues, and easily deal with difficult management efforts, including upgrading CPE firmware on a very large scale.

Enterprise Level Application

CPM has recently been updated to an enterprise application that helps you:

The bottom line = a more profitable business.

CPM is network management software that:

Hierarchical network displays show at-a-glance network component status. By drilling-down and selecting individual items, you see a detailed view of parameters for nodes, amplifiers, cable modems, eMTA, CMTS, and other equipment.

Highly Scalable

CPM has been designed to be massively scalable, with support for millions of CPEs. Scalable architecture supports any number of administrators or operators running the CPM console, creating a centralized view of the health of the network, and leading to coordinated, accelerated troubleshooting and problem-fix operations. Through our distributed capabilities, CPM can be used at many sites, while being managed from central locations.

Modular Design

The CPM software is built from Java code, with a pure Java client for ubiquitous access. It features a modular design and architecture designed around API’s, allowing CPM to be easily tailored to integrate with any applications in your OSS environment.

Fast and Efficient

CPM stores and manages the network device information in an embedded object database, for optimum performance. CPM runs on Linux-based other platforms, and may also be run with Oracle or other back-end database engines for use in a large integrated architecture.

The software is easy to install, to operate, and to get to a high return on your investment!

Samples and Demo

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