Wireless Router Test Platform

Wireless Router/DSL Testing Technology Made Easy

Promptlink's Wireless Router Test Platform (WRTP) is a complete functional router testing solution designed for the highest volume testing requirements. WRTP is the ultimate tool for accurate, high-demand testing of wireless routers. With added support for TR069 through Promptlink's own ACS, WRTP is the solution that gives you the ultimate power and productivity to keep your business moving forward.

Parallel Perfection

With parallel testing of up to 20 wireless routers at one time, WRTP provides flexible, high-volume testing of virtually any wireless router.

Promptlink's WRTP has tested thousands of wireless devices every month since its inception. R&R studies with leading OEM vendors has proven that WRTP is as reliable as it is speedy.


  • Efficient and speedy testing, thereby controlling operational costs
  • Minimum technical training required for testing personnel, lowering labor costs
  • Complete suite of tests without sacrificing throughput


  • Activating the device via ACS (if needed)
  • Performing factory reset, clearing all customer information
  • Verifying device connectivity before testing
  • Reading various information from the device like vendor, model, firmware version, serial number and MAC address
  • Upgrading firmware as needed, supporting multiple step upgrades
  • Performing bandwidth test under various conditions
  • Evaluating Wi-Fi connectivity at various conditions

LAN and WAN ports

  • Checks LAN/WAN ports (up to 5) for active connection and ping
  • Bandwidth/Packet Loss tests (up to Gigabit speeds)


  • Dual-Band - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Set and Check SSID
  • Set and Check Security Mode and Key
  • Wi-Fi Standard check of G, N, AC
  • Basic connectivity test
  • Advanced connectivity/traffic test

Samples and Demo

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